NEONICA LED driver - why choose it!


The widespread use of LED technology has appeared quite recently, but for this short time it has revolutionized the way we think about lighting. In many homes, but also public buildings, companies, halls, warehouses, LED lighting is currently the predominant technology,  among others, LED strips which are characterized by a great performance and energy efficiency. However, if we want to be sure that the LED strip will perform flawlessly, we should match it with the appropriate power supply - preferably by Neonica. Why is it worth it?


We are renovating our house - what about lighting?


We decided to renovate our house apartment and use modern LED strips in place of worn-out, traditional lighting. A wide market offer comes to our aid here, because the availability of solutions is enormous. Everyone can afford to install LED strips, but at the same time it is worth remembering not to focus only on the price, because it is usually a road to nowhere and the beginning of a lot of stress and additional costs. A good electrician knows this very well and will not offer us an uncertain solution, but will recommend the products of the domestic manufacturer - Neonica, suggesting at the same time that LED strips need a decent power supply for normal operation - preferably a dedicated one!



Neonica Poland – The highest quality LED tapes, ribbons, strips and LED power supplies.


Neonica is a well-known Polish lighting manufacturer since 1995. Currently, it produces LED strips, ribbons and tapes; industrial LED luminaires, greenhouse lighting - HORTI and LED power supplies. The company has its own production plant in Lodz.


Thanks to the optimal selection of components and advanced technological processes, it provides only the highest quality products and soultions. Neonica exports its LED lighting to over 61 countries on all continents.


It's not a secret that the LED strip power supply is like a car engine. It should be efficient and, above all, reliable. Neonica, having over 12 years of experience in the production of LED strips, started developing its own series of power supplies a few years ago. LED power supplies dedicated to powering LED strips. During the design phase, great emphasis was placed on energy efficiency and on multi-level security.


The first of a series of professional 36W LED power supply is now available!