NEONICA LED Strip 5050 150 LED

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  • Manufacturer: Neonica Polska Sp. z o.o.
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Minimum order quantity - 5m roll or multiplicity
Available LED colour
tasma led kolor bialy cieply
warm white daylight white cold white yellow green blue red
2700 - 3500 K 4000 - 4500 K 6000 - 7500 K 510 - 530 nm 588 - 593 nm 460 - 470 nm 620 - 630 nm

LED Strip NEONICA 5050 - 5-meter reel (150 LED SMD)


Made in Poland of the finest components, LED strip light is perfect for all kinds of linear illumination. Applicable for suspended ceilings, bathroom and kitchen lights, furniture, shelves and cupboards lighting.  It is also widely used in advertising industry to make all kinds of light signs and channel letters. 

Easy installation with 3M double-sided adhesive tape. Selected LED chips from the leading Taiwanese manufacturers provide the same colour of light through the entire length of the strip.

Quality LEDs and well matched resistors provide very long life. Light degradation by 60% after 12 years of continuous work!



  • luminous flux of a single LED - 4000-5000 mcd (about  12,5 - 15,5 lm / LED)
  • Long-life (100.000)
  • low power consumption of about 7W per meter
  • easy installation with 3M double-sided adhesive tape
  • only 2 mm thick, high flexibility
  • cutting section - every 3 LEDs – 100 mm



LED type:  SMD 5050
LED quantity: 150 pcs / 5 meters
Dimensions:  length: 5 meters, width: 10 mm, height: 2 mm
Internal Protection Rating: IP20
Power supply:  12V DC
Maximum power consumption: 7,2 W / m


How to choose the right power supply? (click on the name and add to the basket):
SMD 5050 150 LED / 5 meters (7,2W/m)

LED Driver 18W maximum length to connect 2,50 m
LED Driver 30W maximum length to connect 4,10 m
LED Driver 36W maximum length to connect 5,00 m
LED Driver 50W maximum length to connect 6,90 m
LED Driver 60W maximum length to connect 8,30 m
LED Driver 72W maximum length to connect 10,00 m
LED Driver 100W maximum length to connect 13,80 m
LED Driver 150W maximum length to connect 20,80 m
LED Driver 200W maximum length to connect 27,70 m

NOTE: When connecting more than one reel each reel should be connected in parallel to the power supply. We recommend that the power strip on both sides.