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One of the strongest drivers on the market until 24A, up to 576 watts at 24V RGB strip (24A * 24V = 576W!!)


* long-range radio control, receives from another room or floor

* the colors are obtained by mixing main RGB colors by the user,
   unlike other controllers that allow only predefined colors to be set

* built-in dimmer and control of effect playback speed

* works both with 12V and 24V RGB LED products, 8A per each
   color channel, 288W@12V and 576W@24V

* one remote can controll up to 4 controllers in a synchronous effect

Technical parameters:

Working temperature:                  -20°C - 60°C      
Supply voltage:                           5V - 24V
Output:                                      3 channels
Connecting mode:                       common anode      
Packing size:                              L120 * W62 * H24mm
Gross weight:                              226g
Output power:                             288W@12V and 576W@24V
Output current:                            8A x 3 channels                
Frequency of RF remote cobtrol:    433.92MHz
Remote battery:                          AAA batery *3 pcs

Video of connection example: