P14 - Recessed wide profile

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P14 - Recessed wide profile

anodized aluminium made | Price for 1 meter with cover

The recessed wide profile is a recessed, strongly shining profile, aimed at being put in a hollow. It can be built into any surface( cardboard, gypsum, wooden boards, stone boards,walls, ceilings, etc.) , whereas the aesthetic-looking „wings” will fully cover the edges of a hollow. Made of high-grade anodized aluminium , this profile can be used with two standard 8 or 10 mm wide LED strips. A stylish housing for LED strip lights that also provides a heat sink to maintain good heat transfer efficiency.

Warning. No end cups included


Examples of use:

  • production of furniture
  • kitchen lighting
  • lighting of shop shelves
  • advertisements, commercial stands, fair stands