LED Alu profile P3 (corner mounted)

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P3 - Surface-mounted corner profile

anodized aluminium made | Price for 1 meter with cover

Surface-mounted corner profiles are designed for installation in furniture corners. The profile is angled at 45◦ so that the light beam does not shine directly into the eyes of people facing the LED strip lights. It has an esthetically pleasing finish on each side and as a result can be fitted near kitchen fronts to provide lighting on the inside of the kitchen cabinets. Our profiles are made of high-grade anodized aluminium and can be used with standard 8 or 10 mm wide LED strips. A stylish housing for LED strip lights that also provides a heat sink to maintain good heat transfer efficiency.

Warning. No end cups included


Examples of use:

  • furniture manufacturing (corner lighting)
  • kitchen lighting
  • in-store lighting
  • advertising signs, island and trade show/exhibition displays