RGB Amplifier - 12-24V, max 12A

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RGB Amplifier - max 12A (144W@12V or 288W@24V) 

The amplifier is used to strengthen and pass on a signal from the flowing controller RGB . With this device, you can control a virtually unlimited number of RGB strips using a single controller.

Allows to connect another 20 meters (150LED SMD) or 10 meters (300LED SMD) of RGB 12V strip.
Amplifies the signal sent by the controller RGB, prevents voltage drops associated with longer sections of strips 12V or 24V.
With this amplifier you can connect RGB strip ligh in long series.



Input: R / G / B / +
Output: R / G / B / +
Max output current in total: 12A
Temperature: - 20° C to 60° C
Voltage: DC 12V/24V