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Since 1995 Neonica Polska has specialized in production of LED lighting systems. Its headquarters, central warehouse and workshop are located in Lodz in the centre of Poland. Many years of experience, high technology, automated production lines and strict quality standards ensure Neonica’s Polska leading position on European market as the LED light manufacturer.

We manufacture in Poland and sell to European countries where we gradually enlarge our client database. Our sales policy and high quality products make us a reliable and trusted business partner.

Among few in Europe we use professional machines able to produce a variety of LED solutions: led strips, led lamps, led tubes, led bulbs,  led modules and led lighting for industrial applications. Highly qualified staff,  our "know-how" and expanded photometric laboratory allows us to develop and improve a whole range of products.

High innovation of our solutions and their quality is appreciated both by thousands of satisfied users, industry experts and international leaders of the market. Leading manufacturers of LED chips - CREE and OSRAM - offered Neonica Polska solid partnership agreements. Thus, Neonica Polska has permanent access to high-tech LED chips and our products are tested not only at the national laboratories for necessary certifications,  but also at the LED chips manufacturer's testing laboratories, in order to ensure the world’s highest product quality.

Using high technology helps us develop not only high performing, long life and energy-efficient light sources , but also ensures the material used is in accordance with H&S as well as with the environmental protection standards in compliance to RoHS EU directive. All products in our portfolio have all necessary certificates and meet Polish and the European Union regulations.

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Neonica Nextimo factory


 Neonica Nextimo production plant

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