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Polish manufacturer of LED lighting – Neonica

The vast selection of products on Neonica factory store enables you to find LED strips and lighting solutions with a wide range of applications.

An experienced team of engineers and specialist design and create Our products and customized solutions using the highest quality components from the world's leading companies such as OSRAM, CREE and applying modern production methods. As a result, the durability, flexibility and functionality of our products always stand out from similar products in the market.

Neonica - High quality products and a wide range of LED lighting online store.

Create a beautiful and functional LED lighting installation with us. We provide you with all necessary components such as power supplies, drivers, dimmers or Alu profiles, among others, as well as professional customization services.

In order to meet the highest expectations of our customers, we are constantly expanding our range so that everyone can find products with the desired parameters. It is only up to you how you use our product!

If you have any unusual questions let contact us via email. See our emails and telephone numbers here.

Welcome and learn more about Our products and solutions.


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Neonica Nextimo factory


 Neonica Nextimo production plant

neonica nextimo smt lines

Neonica Nextimo LAB




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